Simplicity 1366

Simplicity 1366

We’re colour-shy around here. Open the closet and it’s a muted sea of blues, greys, denim, black and white. With the occasional smudge of pink-red or a soft summer print for high drama.


While it’s good to find your colours and build a wardrobe around them – everything goes with everything! – it’s also nice to shake it up once in a while, just to keep ‘em guessing. Do you sometimes quietly wonder whether you’re wearing certain colours and styles because they’re familiar, rather than flattering?

Sewing is a great way to mess around with your style because you can start out small and take some low-risk risks. Choose cheaper fabric to experiment, make a simple garment, baby steps, and all isn’t lost if you hate it. Believe it or not, this top is one of those risks. I know it looks totally basic and neutral, almost invisible – but for someone who has made her way through the past two decades dressed like a storm cloud, this deep blushy pink is SUBVERSIVE.





The top is Simplicity 1366 in a wool crepe from The Fabric Store – the cloth is a beautiful texture and weight and it came cheap at the end of a roll. Versions of this Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity pattern have been regularly photobombing sewing sites across the universe for many months now and it’s not hard to understand why – it’s quick and easy, universally flattering, crazy print and colour-friendly and deeply office appropriate. It also adapts easily to gentle hacks – I added a couple of inches to the length of this one, and dipped the back hem further to make a less boxy shape.

Of course there’s nothing brave about making something that’s out of your comfort zone – to get the medal you have to wear it. Out of the house. My first instinct when I put on this top was to add a blue scarf and then I could breathe again (I was still in that zone when we did these pics – get me therapy). But as the days go on, it’s crept into semi-regular rotation among the slate, charcoal and gunmetal – once or twice without the scarf. Baby steps.


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