True Bias Ogden Cami dress

True Bias Ogden Cami dress

Since I’ve had kids, half-finished craft projects scattered around the house is our kind of normal. A friend’s daughter once said we were a “stickie and glue’ kinda house. It could be because we have a little room that the kids have embarrassingly named the ‘crafty room’.

Time has passed and I suddenly find myself with a newly minted teenager who’s not in that crafty room nearly as much as she used to be. Her world is broadening and speeding up and she’s become aware of fashion, big brands and life outside our family – she soaks up SO much. Watching all of this though her eyes is certainly a big old adventure – wonderful and terrifying in equal parts. We navigate this new stage together like wobbly-legged toddlers (mostly me, not her!).


True Bias Ogden Cami dress


One small thing remains – she sometimes still asks me to sew her clothes. In her late primary years I feared sewing for her was over – but she’s back. And recently, she’s been helpfully pointing out slip dresses. My observations as someone who lived through the perils and pitfalls of 90s fashion don’t interest her at all. So after being shown the 250th slip dress (let’s face it, they’re hard to avoid – this one and this one are my favourites in the recent onslaught), I thought I might look out for a pattern. I mean, after all she wanted to wear a slip dress layered over a tee or a turtle neck – pretty cute and quite age appropriate.


True Bias Ogden Cami


True Bias Ogden Cami dress


Then on cue, Kate dropped over with the new Ogden Cami she’d sewn in a lush blue velvet. I wondered if I could lengthen it to a teenage slip dress? Then I stumbled this lovely light matte fabric in the softest blush colour at Clear It. Alongside it was a matching silk lining and the project was ON! (On a side note, enjoy all those blushy pink tones while they’re still around – I read here this morning that Millennial Pink has peaked and we’re headed for primary colours. Gulp).


True Bias Ogden Cami dress


True Bias Ogden Cami dress


The Ogden Cami pattern is ridiculously simple and the instructions are a breeze – it’s one of those lovely makes that comes together quickly. I made the smallest size which is a little big but we’re happy as it’s meant for layering and this girl is growing fast. I know I’ll blink and it will be a mini slip! The lining stops the dress from hugging the body (happy mother) and gives it some structure (happy daughter). To top off this smooth sewing experience, when I presented the freshly finished dress to my teen she did a little happy dance and whisked it off to her room. Sometimes the sewing stars align. She’s wearing it here with a black knit Bento Tee I made last year.

I won’t be borrowing this dress or sewing a version for myself – my life is a little too utilitarian for a spaghetti strap dress. But I don’t think this will be the last Ogden I sew. A few of her friends have asked if I could make them one too: the highest of compliments. I’ll get onto those right after I’ve finished sewing my new winter wardrobe!


True Bias Ogden Cami dress

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  • This is a fabulous teen outfit. I’m sewing for my tween at the moment as she’s realised that mummy-made fits her so much better than shop brought. Hudson’s were last week & it’s leggings this week. No more giant waists or cold ankles!

  • It’s beautiful! A great version and perfect for a teen. I’d have been super chuffed too if my mum made me this!

  • It’s so lovely! I for one hope that millennial pink hangs around a bit longer as I’m only just getting to it myself!

  • Having just made three pairs of the Hudson Pants for all the males of my family, I am now a massive fan of True Bias and intend to try more of their patterns. BEST INSTRUCTIONS EVER! I didn’t have to read anything twice, I understood what they meant easily. And the pants look fantastic and were a hit with the teenagers. I love your girl’s slip dress and am very impressed that her friends are wanting one too!

    • I agree with you whole heartedly. Interested to hear big tall teenage boys like Hudsons too. I make them for my kids – if only they didn’t grow out of them so fast! xx