Republique du Chiffon Danielle Dungarees

Republique du Chiffon Danielle Dungarees

I’m going to start the year (…okay it’s late Feb, who can keep track?) with a bold declaration, and it’s this: Everyone should own a pair of dungarees. All of us. Young, old, men, women, non-binary gender identifying persons, children….and where possible, dogs. A good pair of overalls should be a standard issue, government-gifted, non-negotiable staple in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s not that they look so incredibly flattering (on anyone really) that they’re a must… (though I challenge you not to love Jack Black in his). And though they’re easy to throw on, they’re not altogether practical – a few years down the onesie/dungaree path who isn’t slightly sick of undressing every time they need a quick toilet stop? But put on a pair of dungarees and you instantly feel relaxed. No tight waistband digging in at your sides. No need to coordinate top and bottom. SOOOO forgiving of beer guts and large lunches. They’re the ultimate clothing equivalent of comfort food, and you feel instantly happy when you put a pair on. For this reason, I truly believe everyone should go out and get themselves a pair. Or, for lucky crafty types like us – make some.


Danielle Dungarees


If you choose to make, there’s no shortage of bib ‘n’ brace options out there in patternland – so many in fact that I got quite overwhelmed choosing. Last year alone Tilly and the Buttons released the Mila Dungarees and Sew House 7 dropped the Burnside Bibs. Not so long before that, Named came up with the Ronja Dungarees. Add these to long-time favourites the Pauline Alice Turia Dungarees, the Marilla Walker Roberts Collection overalls and the Republique du Chiffon Danielle Dungarees and it was almost impossible to decide. Finally, my choice came down to finding the closest match to these Birgitta Helmersson dungarees I have been coveting – and the RDC option won. Between the two of us Klarissa and I have made a few RDC pants and jumpsuits (here and here), and I really like the drafting and Frenchie slim fit trousers. Luckily the Danielle pattern came in English, which was my final tipping point. Danielle it was.


Danielle Dungarees

Danielle Dungarees


Like so many new sewing challenges, I had convinced myself that overalls would be really difficult. They’re really not. Without having to fuss with a proper waistband and fly, the pieces all come together in pretty simple order. The challenge with this pair ended up being around issues of fit – and I don’t think I altogether nailed it. The pattern is drafted for mid-height ladies of 165cm – I’m a good 13cm taller so I added some length to the legs and 2cm to the bib front and back. I wonder now if I’ve lengthened the bib too much, as I think it’s a bit gapey…? I also fussed with the crotch of the pants as my first attempt gave me a horrendous wedgie (yes friends – I made a toile, 2018 me is taking on better sewing habits), but I’m worried they still don’t flatter my flat bum (as Klarissa pointed out while she was taking photos, I clearly have no Kardashian in my family tree….). And despite matching my measurements very closely to the size chart when I decided on a size (I made a size 40), they came up quite wide. I missed this at toile stage as I was so fixated on length, and I subsequently spent hours shaving a centimetre off the sides of the legs, waistband and side plackets (resentful hand-sewing was involved).


Danielle Dungarees

Danielle Dungarees


Luckily making these wasn’t a total time blow-out as I saved hours by choosing a top-stitch thread to match my fabric (which is super-cheap mid-weight dark denim from Clear It) as I didn’t want a ‘jeansy’ looking pair of overalls. I slammed my way through metres of very wonky top-stitching without a care in the world – you just can’t really see it. I also went low-fuss on the hardware, rather than hunt for the perfect dungaree buckles I kept it simple with dark blue buttons.


Danielle Dungarees


So my opening paragraph may have spoiled the surprise, but the verdict on these dungarees is this: It’s true love. I have literally lived in them since the second they came off my machine. I’ve worn them on dinner dates. On dog walks. To school events and supermarkets. I’ve worn them all weekend, almost every weekend – I’ve even had an earnest conversation with my partner about whether they could pass for workwear (he says not). They really are the lazy person’s answer to getting dressed for almost any occasion. And as I said, they’re comfortable and comforting. Dungarees are for everyone and I urge you to find/make/steal a pair today – your life will be happier. x


Danielle Dungarees

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  • 🙂 thanks Kate. They look awesome!!! I think I may have to move the Burnside Bibs further up in my sewing list after reading this 😉 I wanted to make those out of a grey woollen herringbone, so that maybe I could wear them to work…

    • Thank you Kristina, I love the Burside Bib pattern and think it would be awesome in herringbone. Totally work appropriate! Please post photos if you make them – I’d love to see them. Kate x

  • You’ve shifted me from the ‘no’ camp to the maybe ‘camp’. These look fabulous on you. And there are no Kardasian’s in my family either! It was only yesterday when I was wondering what you ladies were sewing.

  • These are so amazing. I didn’t really think that dungarees were for me, trying to be more adult-like et cetera, but your stunningly chic take has me re-thinking everything I thought I knew about dungarees. I think I know what I might make next!

  • I love these. I have decided the onesie thing was all too hard as well but this *might* have changed my mind. Really like the non-visible top stitching, it gives a much subtler look.

  • I was sold on this pattern when true bias made them. These are awesome! And good to know re hiding a bit of a tum!

  • Love your whole blog which I have just discovered today. I am making the Peppermint Jumpsuit tonight after a lot of redrafting and love the comfortable fit so a pair of dungarees was next on my list to make. Thank you for the great post re the dungarees – did you make the shirt as well – if so, what is the pattern please.

  • Love it, does this denim have a little Lycra ?

  • Fantastic make, you nailed them. They look beautiful. I love overalls. That’s what Aussies call them.

  • hi there. I’m just about to embark on this pattern, mostly due to your lovely pics.
    Why on earth didn’t RDC include seam allowances in their pattern, it seems so silly!

  • I love how you made this design less Jeansy.I find the taller bib looks great on you. I am keen to try this pattern too. Thank you for introducing me to Republique du Chiffon, a pattern treasure trove. Please could you point me towards the pattern of your blue blouse?