Mini Bernadette

Mini Bernadette

My daughter’s review process is simple – clothes that restrict play are discarded. No matter the location. No clothes is preferable to uncomfortable clothes. After finishing my Republique du Chiffon Bernadette Jacket I was itching to make their mini Bernadette pattern for my mini – but was it going to pass the mini-test?



I’d already done the hard work learning how to bag a jacket so I was ready to try again. I wanted a quick sew so this time so I followed the pattern and left out the padding step. I’d ear marked some yellow vintage wool I’d bought from Crossley Job Lots. I really love this raw yellow, but my mini wears yellow better than I ever would. The lining material I chose is a sweet retro pattern that was gifted to me by a kind sewing friend. I prefer the sleeves rolled up with the lining showing, so worth choosing your lining carefully. I planned a matching yellow zipper, but after a fruitless search that only produced yellows of the peachy and buttercup shades, I decided a grey would do the job.




The pattern is a similar shape to my Bernadette, with a few key differences that suit a small person. The lining is simpler, omitting details like the hem pleat. It also has a zipper closure that’s not on the adult version. The zipper is cleverly attached so that when done up, the jacket front overlaps in a tailored way and the zipper can’t be seen. For me this was the trickiest part to work out but I’ll chalk that up to my poor French which made the translation tricky. RDC is currently updating most of their patterns to English versions – what a relief!





The shape of the jacket is quite boxy. I made a size six for my narrow 6-year-old and perhaps I could have sized down and lengthened a little? Or maybe not – on reflection I think this is the shape intended for the jacket. It’s very wearable with roomy sleeves and a shortish crop.

So far the reviews are good from my mini – it hasn’t been pitched into a bush – a make we’d both recommend.





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