Denim love

Denim love

It’s Friday, friends, and for many lucky worker bees like me that means casual wear and jeans for work. So in honour of the start of the weekend, and denim all day, we’ve collected a few links, tips and trivia about everyone’s (well, my) favourite fabric of all times, forever.




Roy Jeans
I know it’s a few years old now, but I never tire of this little film about custom jeans maker and denim fanatic Roy Slaper of Roy Denim. I love his passion for his cloth collection, his respect for vintage sewing machines and his delight at turning his ‘fun’ into business. It also fills me with renewed respect for all the home sewists out there making jeans for themselves. Jeans look really difficult!




Denim on display
The Museum at FIT in New York is currently holding a pretty major ode to denim, an exhibition called Denim: Fashion’s Frontier. If you’re not in NYC (dammit) and, like me, have no hope of being in NYC before early May (double dammit), you can still admire the amazing clothing, costumes and couture collected from a century of denim design at the show’s website. My favourites are this Junya Wantanabe dress and this sweet 1940s jumpsuit.

How to wash your jeans
Are you hardcore about washing (not washing) your jeans? I first heard about no-wash jeans maintenance a few years back when a friend tried to buy a pair of skinnies at a properly cool shop. While she was trying on the jeans, the sales guy lectured her about ‘respecting the denim’ by not washing them for six months – as her three kids aged under four grabbed her around the knees, smearing banana and sultana mush and toddler body fluids into the brand new, pure, pristine, denim. Needless to say her new jeans lasted six minutes, rather than six months, before their first run-in with a spin cycle. But if you have the time, and the lifestyle, try these APC Denim recipes for washing your jeans (hint: a trips to the beach may be involved). Or hell, give up washing altogether and try Denim Refresh – it’s like a dry shampoo for jeans. Life will never be the same.

Ever seen a celebrity pic and wasted hours of your life wondering where they got their jeans? I love the section on Denimology that identifies the jeans that celebs are wearing – what a lifesaver!? As the site itself says, ‘anyone with an interest in denim will find themselves visiting Denimology sooner or later’.



Roy Jeans


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