Bombazine oven mitt

Bombazine oven mitt


We are mitt making machines over here at Bombazine. Whether it’s for school fetes, last minute thank-you gifts or reluctant family Kris Kringle production lines, we’ve been known to churn out dozens of these babies at a time. They’re quick. They’re easy. And best of all – they’re a great way to use up those leftover scraps of fabric that are too big to turf, but too small to make anything much with. They’re (almost) zero waste.

After posting snaps of some fete-destined mitts a while back we received a few queries about the pattern. So just in time for the silly season – based on Klarissa’s highly scientific, ever-evolving traced-hand pattern drafting technology, we bring you the Bombazine Mitt. It’s smaller and shorter than many mitts out there, inspired by those sweet Japanese half-mitts that can easily be slipped on when things heat up. Despite the small size, we believe they accommodate most man-hands – enabling the fellas to stay in the kitchen where they belong.

This pattern is perfect for sewing newbies, homemade gifters, scrap hoarders and sashiko experimenters. You can hand or machine quilt; go crazy with patchwork, boro and fancy stitching; or just keep it simple.

To make the mitt, you’ll need three scrap pieces, each at least 47x27cm in size, plus a hanger loop if you choose. For the outer layer, denims, linens and drills with a bit of weight are ideal. For the padding, 100 per cent felted wool remnants from coat making (or old 70s moth-eaten blankets) work best as wool provides much better heat insulation that quilting padding. And for the lining – knock yourself out with all your pretty woven scraps. Don’t let those lovely pieces go to waste.

You can download the pattern here – all instructions included – and don’t forget to tag your makes with #bombazinemitt so we can admire your handiwork and copy your quilting techniques 😉

Happy mitt-making friends xx

Order your free Bombazine Mitt pattern



Bombazine Mitt Pattern - Free!



Bombazine Mitt Pattern - free!

Bombazine Mitt Pattern - Free!


Bombazine Mitt Pattern - free!


Bombazine Mitt Pattern - Free!


Bombazine Mitt

Bombazine Mitt Pattern - Free!


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  • This is so cool. Thanks for making the pattern. Very impressed with some of the sashiko quilting in some of your samples too.

  • You ladies are generous legends. They are the hippest looking oven mits around. I look forward to whipping up a few.

  • Cleeeever ladies! So pretty! I’ve been on a mental scrap busting spree in an effort to make room for some other stuff (such as a small person) – it’s always great to have some great patterns to use up precious scraps. Not sure I’ll bust one out before the bebe but one can always hope! Thanks for the pattern xx

  • Those mitts are the epitome of style and good taste! Trust you guys. I don’t set foot in the kitchen but if I’m feeling sweet I’ll whip one up for my husband 😎
    Thanks for the pattern!

  • Ah, I’ve been waiting for this! Have tried a few oven mitt patterns before, but wasn’t happy with them. This one looks like a winner! Thank you 🙂

  • Thanks–I really need some new oven mitts. Mine won’t be nearly as nice as yours. Yours are really beautiful–like mitt art. Really impressive.

  • So kind of you to share with us! I love your sashiko ones especially – you are so talented:)
    Thanks for making Christmas gift easier this year!

  • Hey!

    I absolutely love the look of these!
    Any chance you are making and selling them?

  • Thank you – yours are lovely, and inspiring, and I need a new set as mine (store bought ones) have separated in between the thumb and fingers, leaving me quite vulnerable to hot pans 👍